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  • How to choose a sling


    The sling is tough, durable, and lightweight. The slings vary according to the material, and the functions are quite different. Nylon rope hanging net can be used for the transportation and transportation of soft-packed goods, which can play a protective role. The slings made of wire rope are more tough and solid, and are not easy to be worn out. Generally speaking, the slings of the wire rope are relatively large, and can hoist some heavy goods or irregular goods, and can also protect the goods. The sling is generally used for lifting non-standard workpieces, especially for special shapes and special materials.

    The sling is divided into a sheet type and a pocket type.
    The sling solves the problems of loading, unloading and transportation of bagged materials such as cement, feed, chemical products and chemical fertilizers during transportation and transportation during railway transportation. It is scientific and convenient and practical, thus reducing manual consumption and mechanized operation. Efficiency, reduced transport turnover Chen Ben. The sling can be reused multiple times, thus reducing transportation and management costs.