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  • Plastic rope manufacturers - the main points of the tying rope



    The plastic rope manufacturer-bundling rope production uses an extrusion blow molding process to extrude the pellet into a tubular shape, which is inflated, stretched and cooled, cut and drawn, and wound into a two-layer film pellet.

    The raw material for the tying rope is a brushed polypropylene, sometimes replaced with polyethylene. The tying rope is a novel tying material that can be adapted to the needs of various industries.
    Plastic rope manufacturers - generally used for manual strapping, must be low weight, strong tensile force, long enough length, neat width, soft hand feel. From the appearance, it can be divided into two types: flat and foam. The flat belt is that the belt itself has no grain and is smooth as a mirror. The so-called foaming is that the surface of the belt has a grain, and the winding is stretched and fluffy. The flat tearing belts are mostly produced by domestic manufacturers, but the foaming type, due to the high technical content, only some foreigners have introduced Japanese and Taiwanese technology to produce. The type of foaming is very popular in developed countries, mainly because it has good softness, good hand feeling, strong pulling force and low weight, which can reduce the cost of consumables. It is believed that the domestic market will also flourish in the near future.
    Established in 1999, Yantai Dongyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a domestic enterprise that purchases raw materials and finished nets and ropes. It has a special quality inspection department. Main: polyethylene (PE) plastic rope net, Korean hemp (PP) material network pocket, fertilizer lifting net pocket, cargo sealing net, car sealing net, safety net, breeding rope, shipside safety net and various special specifications Hand-woven hoisting nets and safety nets are mainly used for storage and transportation of ports, fertilizer production enterprises, and soybean oil processing enterprises.