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  • [Hanging net] The factors and elimination of the melting marks of plastic products


    First, the hoisting net - the factors of the plastic finished product melting marks:

    1. Because the molten material is cooled and solidified at the beginning of the fusion data, there is no strip-shaped fusion mark in the merged flow.

    2, because the air and the evaporation of the data are turned off

    3. The mold release agent remains in the cavity.


    Second, hoisting network - associated common sense:

    1. Using a gate, the finished product that does not merge the data from two directions usually has no weld marks. In addition, if you want to prevent the weld mark, you can only change the orientation of the gate to make the weld mark appear inconspicuous or Get a pleasing orientation.

    2. The pin on the mold (the hole in the finished product) usually has a weld mark.

    3. There are many scenes of melting marks due to the air being turned off, so it is necessary to let the air escape completely.

    4. This method is also useful: the place where the weld is scarred is attacked on the remaining sheet of the finished product, and then the sheet is cut.

    5. If the release agent is too much, the first part of the molten material will be floated into the cavity, and the weld mark will definitely occur.


    Third, hoisting net - solution:

    1. Instant: Improve the injection speed, improve the mold temperature, improve the temperature of the barrel, and improve the injection pressure.

    2, short-term: add gas escape slot.

    3, long time: change the orientation of the gate.


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