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  • Why use a rope net


    The rope net can be used in animal cage protection nets, zoo protection nets, and can be applied to any cage in any terrain, with flexible installation and long service life.


    It can also absorb strong sunlight in animal cages, and protects the eyes of animals from the sun and has a certain shading effect on hot summer days.


    Take a look at the benefits of the rope net

    1. Strong and durable, strong tensile strength, strong breaking force, can withstand heavy pressure for a long time;

    2. Black oxidized stainless steel woven mesh is corrosion-resistant, rust-free, suitable for various outdoor environments, requires no maintenance, and has a long service life;

    3. Soft, tough, free to fold and install, the shape of the installation is not limited;

    4. The black stainless steel rope woven mesh has good permeability, does not block the line of sight, is beautiful, and has strong decorative performance;

    5. The unique color of the black stainless steel rope net has a unique beauty and humanity, protecting the animal's eyes from glare;

    6. Diverse specifications, tailored size;

    7. Green, non-toxic, non-toxic, reusable, black non-wire rope woven mesh and natural environment.