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  • Manufacturing process of plastic rope products


    1. The manufacturing process of plastic rope products, that is, the molding process of plastic bottles, refers to the process of making the ultimate plastic rope products from polymers made by synthetic resin manufacturers.

    2, processing methods (also one-time processing of plastics) include: compression molding (molding), extrusion (extrusion), injection molding (injection molding), blow molding (hollow molding), calendering and so on. Specific manufacturing process:
    (1) Compression molding: compression molding or press molding. Compression molding is mainly used for the molding of thermosetting plastics such as phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin and unsaturated polyester resin.
    (2) Extrusion: Extrusion molding is a method in which an extruded resin (extruder) continuously passes a heated resin through a die to extrude a product of a desired shape. Extrusion is sometimes formed in a thermosetting plastic and is available. In the formation of foam plastic. The strength of extrusion is the extrusion of various shapes of products, high production efficiency, can be automated, continuous production; the disadvantage is that thermoset plastics can not be widely used in this process, the product size is easily biased.
    (3) Injection molding: injection molding. Injection molding is a method in which a thermoplastic melt is injected into a mold under high pressure by an injection molding machine (or an injection machine) to obtain a product by cooling and solidifying. Injection molding can also be used for forming thermosetting plastics and foams. The advantages of injection molding are high production speed, high efficiency, automatic operation, and the ability to form complex parts. It is especially suitable for mass production. The disadvantages are high cost of equipment and molds, and difficult cleaning of injection molding machines.
    (4) Blow molding: hollow blow molding or hollow molding. Blow molding is a method of inflating a hot resin parison closed in a mold into a hollow product by the pressure of compressed air. Blow molding includes two methods of blown film and blown hollow product. Film products, various bottles, barrels, pot containers and children's toys.
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