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  • Plastic rope factory explains the difference between high and low pressure polyethylene rope


    Plastic rope manufacturers - high pressure: using polymerization grade ethylene as raw material, using oxygen or organic peroxide as catalyst, in the tubular reactor tank reactor, using 130-280Mpa ultra high pressure and 300 degrees Celsius high temperature process for polymerization to make.


    Plastic rope manufacturers - low pressure: high purity ethylene as raw material, propylene or 1-butene as comonomer, alkane* as solvent, in the presence of high activity catalyst, using a certain temperature (65-85) and pressure ( 0.1-0.7Mpa) is solution polymerization, and then separated, dried, kneaded, and granulated.


    Plastic rope manufacturers - high pressure: suitable for extrusion, blow molding, injection, vacuum, molding, coating and rotary molding, etc., manufacturing food security film, agricultural film industry light packaging film, generally the same name film, sheet, wire, Cable protectors, etc.


    Plastic rope manufacturers - low pressure: mainly used for blow molding, manufacturing various bottles, cans, barrels and containers for injection molding, manufacturing pots, blues, baskets, turnover boxes and industrial machinery parts, for extrusion molding Pipe, film, woven bag narrow wire, monofilament, etc.


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