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  • On the Importance of Car Closure Network


    When a large truck is transporting some scattered items, if the car has no other obstructions, then the driver of the cart is very worried about whether it will have a certain impact on the car in the back. Careful fall is not just a financial loss, but there are other risk factors. Today Dongyuan Plastics will talk to you about the rope network and the role of the car network.


    In fact, the most common role of the car seal network is to fix the goods and prevent the goods from falling. There is no guarantee that the car will be driving on a smooth road all the way. You can't guarantee that there will be no emergencies on the way. Most of the car's net tension test has a breaking force of around 620N, so that it can resist the strong. Impact, to ensure that the goods will not have problems.


    And the car sealing net can be customized according to the customer's needs, which can ensure the safety of the goods and personnel, and at the same time ensure the aesthetics of the car body.