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  • What happened to the broken rope in the breeding rope?


    The culture rope is made from a plant skin called hemp, which is processed into fiber and its finished products are applied to all aspects of our lives.


    The main characteristics of the breeding rope are anti-corrosion, wear-resisting, toughness, anti-aging, anti-stretching, woven products with good gas permeability and long life, suitable for a variety of purposes. There are various kinds of finished products, which are suitable for various occasions such as agriculture, fishery, water long-term breeding, clothing industry, shoe-making and luggage industry, automobile interior industry. I believe that many of the friends who have used the polypropylene rope know that the ropes will break after being used for a long time after being used. What is the reason for this phenomenon?


    Breeding ropes are made of plastic ropes. It is not unfamiliar to the characteristics of plastics. The shortcomings of plastic products that are afraid of drying are unavoidable by any manufacturer.


    We can only make up for this shortcoming by other means, such as placing the polypropylene rope in a cool dry place, reducing the directness of the polypropylene rope and the sun.


    The phenomenon of the breakage of the polypropylene rope is mainly because the polypropylene rope is contaminated with corrosive liquid such as muddy water during use. After use, it needs to be cleaned with water to prevent corrosion during long-term storage. Then wrap the polypropylene rope and store it in a dry and cool place. This preservation method not only facilitates the use of the polypropylene rope, but also does not cause the polypropylene rope to break the rope, and is durable.