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  • Basic requirements for rope nets


    The hand-held horizontal safety rope is placed in a special part of the work at a high place, such as a suspended steel beam, a frame connecting beam, and the like. After the hoisting is in place, the construction personnel must walk on it. A fall protection rope for keeping people's weight balanced. The requirements for the setting and use of the hand-held horizontal safety rope are as follows:

    1. The hand-held horizontal safety rope should adopt the fiber core 6×37+1 steel wire rope with plastic sleeve. The technical performance should meet the requirements, and the product production license and product delivery certificate.
    2. Both ends of the rope net should be fixed on a firm and reliable frame, and the structure should be wound no less than 2 times. When it is in contact with the corners of the frame, it should be padded.
    3, the rope network end fixed connection should use the rope card, the rope card pressure plate should be at the end of its long head, the number of rope cards should be no less than 3, the rope card spacing should not be less than 6 times the diameter of the wire rope; safety chuck installation About 500 mm from the last collet, the rope head should be released after a safe bend and then clamped with the main rope.
    4, the fixed height of the rope net should be 1.1 ~ 1.4m; each fixed interval of 2m should be set a fixed support point; after the wire rope is fixed, the sag should be 10 ~ 30mm.
    5, the hand-held horizontal safety rope is only used as a high-altitude operation. For the support rope when the operator walks, it is strictly forbidden to use the seat belt suspension point. It should be checked frequently whether the fixed end or the fixed point is loose, whether it is damaged or corroded or broken.